Our First Character- The Hunt Caller, Killan

Welcome to Crypt Tales from the Dungeon, here I provide character backstories and other fantasy-realm ideas that can be used to inspire you. If you wish too, use elements of this in your D & D or Pathfinder characters and utilise them to expand upon your in-game world.

Our First Character is one I have had in the works for a long time, it is the Caveman of legend, Killan.


Killan was born in the Southern Snowy areas of the continent where humanity is thinly spread between many camps and settlements. As a result, Killan was raised in a barbaric manner, training to hunt animals from a young age. His Father, Troman was the head of the Pojunga people, who have skills in hunting and animal handling. At the main Pojunga camp titled Aladon, Killan was taught how to weild a Bone Pike that his father once used in combat and took care of Wolf cubs while the others went hunting.
Growing up, Killan had a interest in one of the wolves he raised, a snow white wolf he called ‘Wildbark’ and trained it to help him in combat. From this point, Killan joined the raiding party of his tribe and, eventually, he became the main hunter. It was rumored that there were 20 different breeds of Mammoths when Killan started hunting, now, there are only 3. Killan became independent from his father’s group, much to his Father’s dismay at a hunting village north of Aladon. He set up shop in the hunting village, climbing the ranks of it’s military until it became one of the first highly militant forces around the continent. Killan’s wolf ‘Wildbark’ became one of his only friends, and eventually became the village’s banner.

Recently, Killan has led a hunting party to Weddon in the west looking for a legendary Mammoth creature who had his species become extinct at the hands of Killan. The Group has lost most of it’s original moral, they are hungry and somewhat aggravated by Killan’s demanding approach to warfare and hunting.

Character Description:

Killan stands at 6ft and is very pale to the point in which he is as pale as the snow underneath him. Killan often wears only leather armour, which most of the time appears damaged and covers very little of his actual body. Wolf and Mammoth fur is splashed around the seems and the rough edges (to which there are many). On his back is a shield made of Oak Wood that has naturally aged to what seems to be 500 years. The edge surrounding the outside of the shield is Iron in appearance, however considering how many things he has fought it is surprising to see that it has survived intact.

Killan’s weapon of choice are 2 Bone Daggers which he has concealed as Horns on his helmet. Both seem to come from a Tiger Species (which one is unconfirmed due to how damaged they have become). Where he would hold them is surrounding by a cloth grip and there is blood from some prize kill on the ends of both daggers. Killan also has his Bone Pike, engraved with his name down the side of the pike. It is 7ft long, coming from the wing of a now extinct and long forgotten species. It’s worn out, however still functional.


Wildbark normally stands on the left side of his master, Killan. It has a snow white tint to his fur and has multiple scars covering the facial area. The fur itself is also jagged in appearance, sometimes looking like it was cut by a fellow member of his species. His eyes are a misty blue, odd for one of it’s kind. It’s fangs are whiter than it’s fur (if it was even possible) and it’s claws are sharper than a dagger. Legend has it that the claws Wildbark possesses have cut through the skulls of other wolves, wheter it is true or not is unknown.

Character Relations:
Troman is Killan’s father and a rival tribe leader. They have a neutral relationship, however they are hardly friends and have fought on numerous locations.

Melcain: Melcain had a simple life before Killan took over his city. Even though he is skeptical, Melcain is a loyal retainer of Killan and is his right-hand man when it comes to military situations. His tactics may be primative, but they work and that’s all he needs.

Melankind: Melankind is a legend in the southern continent. It is the last of it’s kind of mammoth, the last of it’s kind that once proudly walked the earth. It’s tusks are as tough as Gold and as white are the Blizzards it survived. The Fur, a proud red like the raging flames of an Elder’s fire. Killan thought he had wiped them all out, though it proved that he had not. As such, he wishes to locate the beast. What he plans on doing with it’s remains afterwards is unknown.


KIllan is a proud man, it is what he believes is as important than a hunter’s strength. He has a natural respect to those who are strong as well as those with the passion to carry on, no matter what the harsh weather they have to face is. He often likes to use words that reflect his natural strength, favouring to use blunt terms than sophisticated terminology. Often, he prefers to mix things of the same variety and prefers diversity rather than consistency. This also reflects upon his battle style, always trying to kill things in different ways and trying to never get the same kill twice.

Like this character? Comment Down below. New Characters will be unearthed weekly. Until next time, stay creative and see you next week.

-The Cryptweaver


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