The First Creature: The Plasmori

Time for a Creature/Monster this time, the Plasmori:
Brief Bio/Recording of them:

“As one can imagine, the blood cells of any humanoid are advanced. Infact, some magicians have been able to control blood flow and, with simple commands can simply alter it to their desire. As such, there have been repercussions, like these. It’s unknown how they do it, as they are never summoned while the caster is using the spell, but only after the victim dies. Some claim it’s a side-effect, though I refuse to believe that these things are, after all, it follows the victims movements and actions to a tee. They require more experiments.”

Dr Jirran Ullixius, Record of Plasma-based species #0003.2


The appearance of Plasmori is akin to the appearance of recently drawn blood in the sense that it’s flowing. This extend to it’s appearance which mirrors that of the victim but with a more streamlined, almost perfected form of the humanoid in question. As expected, height and weight vary and have different skills based on their victim with some alteration via blood. Plasmori also take on a primitive form, in which they appear as simple blobs that spread throughout the entire room. Finding one of these in the wild is something that will never happen, unless experiments went wrong and it became sentient. Often, weapons are formed form the creatures body, favouring lances, spears and lances making it a tough fighter at long ranges.


During a long war to the west, a young magician came to the front of the Telligar army and gave them a simple deal. They would pay him with 10 Gems filled with the sprits of Were-kin for the ability to make their forces gain a huge advantage in the upcoming battle. The idea was simple, the blood of the warriors would harden to the point that it would become as strong as Iron Armour, only being able to be pierced by Lances and Javelins which the enemy did not have. The army agreed and sent a warrior by the name of Artti. Artti was tested on by the young magician for a total of 8 days before Artti came back with spectacular results. Naturally, the rest of the army went ahead with it, gaining ‘Blood Armour’ for the next battle. It all went well up to Rentaxian Ridge before the soldiers bled out due to fatigue, dying and painting the walls of the Ridge red and crimson. The opposing army left for the next battle while the blood of the fallen formed into a substance. That substance was the Plasmori that know today. It’s believed that they are brought in by showing a lack of care for anyone or for one’s self and then dying due to these actions. Whether this is the case is unknown however.

Like this Creature? Comment Down below. New Creatures will be unearthed weekly. Until next time, stay creative and see you next week.



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