The Young Magician

Time for another character, the Young Magician.

Backstory: The Young Magician hasn’t got a lot recorded on him that would tell us anything significant about him. Sadly, no formal records are found in even the libraries of the mystics that chronicle ever part of the world’s history. Though rumours spread like wildfire upon the plains about the young person. So, that’s what we go by. Rumours talk of a little child aged 7 trained in the art of Necromancy for the youngest of days. The teacher was his father, one of the Nekroias who lead the Necromantic order in these lands and he was high ranking, a formal minister who was still thought of as the best.The Child grew proficient in spells that arose the dead, targeting a sparrow that had crashed into the boy’s window after it’s wing broke mid-flight. At this point, the child like all children grew bored of the art of necromancy and explored some of the darker secrets. Before long, he found a book entitled ‘Blood Arts’ and studied it and used the Dark Mana of the world to make Blood Magic, that only he knows. The child is thought to have killed his father though this is all speculation.

The Child aged 14 at the time has his first public sighting before the battle of Rentaxian Ridge, aiding troops for the trapped souls of Were-kin, Why he needs them is unknown, though it is believed he will use them to strength himself and to gain the secrets of transformation in order to alter what is around him.

It has currently been 4 years since that last sighting, where he has gone is unknown.

Character Description: The Young Magician is younger than most wizards since he is only 18 in contrast to others who are hundreds of years old. He wears robes normally in a black colour, however, he has been shown to wear Navy Blue though the reasons for it are unknown. The child’s face has never been confirmed due to conflicting reports so there are no psychical details on him. He has a Wyrmwood staff in his left hand normally, though he sometimes puts it in his right for certain rituals. Often he wears a signet ring on his index finger on his right hand, this has on it holy symbols as if he is doing this for god himself. He has a dark aura surrounding him which is unusual for a man of his age.

Personality: Though he is younger than most, it has been noted that the people around the Young Magician have noticed him being more serious about magic than even serious scholars in the art of magic. Otherwise, he is calm and sometimes a trouble-maker on a wide scale. He often ignores conversation unless it is on his terms, whether he gets it every-time is up for debate,

Character Relations: He knows no-one well enough to have any. People that meet him often forget of him, making him the perfect threat to anyone who is wanted dead since he can go away from anything without worry due to his age, flexibility and talents. Though he has probably met with people in the world, he lacks the memory of their names or even why he helped them in the first place.

Like this character? Comment Down below. New Characters will be unearthed weekly. Until next time, stay creative and see you next week.

-The Cryptweaver

PS: Sorry for it being shorter than the last one, this is mainly due to a lack of characters who he knows well enough to have character relations. Anyhow, hope you did enjoy it.


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