A Spell of Sorts: Earth’s Speech

From the Molten soil that he stood above, the man waved his hands weaving it into the form of a man. The lava that made the soil became solid, representing the man’s hair while the dead roots of trees that stood once proud became it’s limbs. With it’s rise came a inaudible noise before life began to renew inside of it. The man of soil claimed his wishes “Why hath you summon me from my quiet existence, have I done wrong or is there more to it?”. It’s caster had a kind smile upon his face “I simply wish to find an old friend. He was a Dwarf of old age, wielding a axe from his homeland and a bow from the Elven nation down south. If you have any clues, please lend me your knowledge.”

The creation smiled back “Child of the natural cycle, I believe that I know of what you speak. Simply put, he looked like a man of no fear and from his axe it was simple to conclude this. The beauty of the bow to, with the strong from which arrows rest in patience and silence, it was astonishingly fine, like spider silk. Indeed, the man was seen heading North into the cave my brothers, ones of rock and ore and coal. Perhaps, you will have luck finding him in between the rocks?” Like that, the druid thanked him and put him back to rest. He grew new life for the soil below him, just far enough away so the grass was not to be scorched but so near that the air was at it’s purest. A sapling grew restless, the man continued on.

Earth’s Speech:


Range: Touch
Duration: Special

When cast upon the ground itself, the Druid who uses it may breath life into that ground, forcing it to sprout out of itself and turn itself into a humanoid form of the casters choosing, but is stuck into the ground itself. Upon summon, the caster may inquire as to certain details such as the direction of a moving person, the natural elements (Sources of Water and Food as well as the Climate and weather found in the casters area) or what monsters are typically seen there (to which the most commonly found is given, no further monsters get named nor described).
The Caster can however use a spell slot to have the summoned creature give them the following information:
1: The Creature can tell you about Human or other Settlements in the area as tell you about a key event that happened with 30 minutes of being summoned. Alternatively, the creature may clarify a riddle it has given, or the caster has heard.

2: The Creature can tell you about the land in great detail, explaining about how it was formed, when it was formed, by who it was formed and who has set foot on it. If asked to further elaborate, the Creature may give details about what it knows about the person in question (The DM gets to decide what he knows, he always knows something no matter how small the knowledge on that person is).

3: The Creature can tell about anything (within reason) that the caster wants to know. It cannot lie, but if needed or if asked to by someone previous, it can withheld information. If matter is about something natural from the region the creature is in, he will automatically know everything about it but will only explain what is vital to know (ie. If a plant is poisonous).

At Level 7; The Caster can ask the creature to watch the area for 1 hour and will report all it saw to you as well as what it heard. A Spell Slot 2 must be used for this feature of the spell

At Level 14; As long as the thing touched when the spell is cast has foundations found to be connected to a natural item (Soil, Water etc), the caster can turn it into a creature. The caster can also make Artificial Dryads if he/she wished, as long as the area has enough resources to sustain it’s life. It will wither and die after 4 months but can be used for anything for as long as it is alive. A Spell Slot 3 must be used for this feature of the spell. It can be used to trick passerby, hide or store items, be a trap or other things that are within reason and only if the creature agrees with it.

This is my first spell and I think it would be fun for Druids. Being able to balance nature is something that makes sense for the class. I don’t play Druid so my apologies if this spell has been utilized in one form or another. Anyway, have fun using it.

-The Cryptweaver


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