Custom Background: Slave

Humanity is going through the worst time of its cycle. People fighting one another is nowadays considered a sport, a competition for the rich and mighty who buy everyone to work as their own. You were just one of the unfortunates, one of the ones who didn’t run from the Bounty Hunters, the Rich and the Law of the land. You worked so much that 5 generations of your family combined could not perform an equal amount, yet you receive the least in society. You are brushed off, someone who shouldn’t share the same streets as others. You know what the lowest points are, afterall, you’ve seen them all firsthand. Skill Proficiencies: Survival and Sleight of Hand Tool Proficiencies: 1 Type of Artisan Tools Languages: If not known, you know the language of your slave master.


You have been working as whatever your master wanted for you. You have learned it well, though you wished not to. Nevertheless, you have grown to love it. The Following will help determine what you were forced to do during your time being someone’s pawn. Otherwise, choose whichever you perform.


1: Blacksmith

2: Cook

3: Leatherworker

4: Mason

5: Stable-Worker

6: Babysitter

7: Potter

8: Painter

9: Jester

10: Woodcarver

Feature: Desperation

You have been through the lowest points, therefore you have learned to use the lowest to your advantage or to at least get used to it. You are able to do things others consider taboo or undesirable. Whether it be looting corpses or doing work that no moral man would ever consider. No one will question you, no-one ever has after all, only you do.

Suggested Characteristics

The majority of Slaves tend to be for getting their hands on what the better societies have. They do not steal at least the majority of them don’t wish to, instead they prefer hard working to achieve whatever their hearts desire. Some have a mutual respect for other slaves and especially for those who want to achieve the most, especially for others given how they have been treated. Others, who want to leave their past behind them hide their slave past by hating other slaves. Though these aren’t the slaves true feelings, he has been able to lie since he has felt that he was thought so.

d8 Personality Traits

1: I am driven to succeed or at least to become better.

2: I respect anyone that goes through hardship.

3: I will do what is needed, no matter how society sees it.

4: Humanity has a limit, I am something else.

5: I care not for materials, simply for good health and such.

6: No matter what I do, I do it for me.

7: Teams got me through, teams are what I love.

8: The past is a wound, the future is a bandage.

d6 Ideal

1: Humanity. People have lost what it means to be themselves, I simply wish to help them remember. (Any)

2: Selfishness. I suffered through others. They should suffer as I did. (Evil)

3: Kindness. Hate will simply hurt us all more. (Good)

4: Uprising. Shall no man ever be held under the flag of another. (Chaotic)

5: Portrayal. How can I change laws when I refuse to follow them? (Lawful)

6: Society. Balance is something that should always be maintained. (Neutral)

d6 Bond

1: Even though he was rude, my master gave me the mentality I needed.

2: Other slaves have been through worse than me. I respect that in them.

3: Those who respect me have earned the right to be with me.

4: When I faced disaster, my strongest ally gave me willpower.

5: The one who wanted me has given me the reason to fight.

6: It is my duty to respect all, no matter their vile nature.

d6 Flaw

1: When I can afford intoxicants, I simply cannot refuse.

2: I care not for the repercussions, where’s the fun in that?

3: There is honour among slaves, I live by that philosophy.

4: I am curious, investigating even the slightest crack or misplaced cobble.

5: Violence is something that is only for when necessary.

6: I would rather be in rotten streets, than where the corrupt or rich dwell or have dwelled.

Hope you like this Background. Comment if you did, if you think I could improve it comment anyhow with the reasons I could improve. -Cryptweaver


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