Homebrew Feats 1

Pet Handler

You have learnt that a Pet makes for good company. You gain the following benefits:

  • Any Animal Companions/Pets that follow you cannot be charmed while they are within 50ft of you.
  • Any Animal Companions/Pets that follow you cannot be deceived by people disguised as yourself (no matter how good a deception check they make).
  • Any Animal Companions/Pets that follow you may try scavenge food for you. They can only bring creatures smaller than they are.


Prerequisite: Charisma of 13 of higher

You understand the mentality of humanoid creatures to a tee and have been able to convince them effectivly, gaining the following benefits:

  • Increase your Charisma score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • Persuasion and Deception checks gain double your proficiency bonus if you are proficient¬†with those skills.
  • You gain proficiency in a Charisma based skill of your choosing.


You can take the items from around you and make deadly objects that you use in combat, gaining the following benefits:

  • You can make arrows for your quiver from Bone and Sticks that you have on you.
  • You can repair your own weapons if you have access to means of repairing it. (More for roleplaying)

Toxic Poisoner

You make highly advanced Poison and know the inner workings of the substance itself, gaining the following benefits;

  • If you attack a monster that is resistant to poison, it still takes Poison damage from any Poison Damage dealt by you or any poison made by you.
  • Poison damage is doubled when dealt to humanoid creatures.
  • You are resistant to Poison Damage.

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