The Next Spell: Wavelength Confusion

Our Dwarves and the Wizard stood upon the peek looking down towards the fleeing foes of the Necromantic order. Their position meant that for evil there was no way of escaping and no way of fighting back for they were surrounded by all signs. As they ran down hills towards their garrison, the fallen warriors that served them lied upon the now bloody cobblestone while the Cleric and Fighter pursued on foot after dismounting their horses at the side of the nearby tavern.

Suddenly, the Cleric decided to pray to God to help smite the unholy from this world, sending them to hence they same in agony and suffering. His hammer raised, he yelled “BAHAMUT! I ASK FOR HELP! SMITE THE UNHOLY IN A DRAGONIC BLAZE OF THE HOLY LIGHT!”. Something was off however, as the god he found was not a god for all good dragons to worship, instead it’s evil form Tiamat became visible in the Cleric’s mind. Tiamat grinned while saying “You look for my… weaker self. How pitiful of you cleric, to believe that all my men were worthless and that not one could learn the ways of corruption. Then again, to you the only magic is the one type you preach daily… sickening isn’t it?”

Like that the Cleric grew worried and rushed for the Garrison, inside they found nothing humanoid except for corpses, and no signs of escape. Nevertheless, they ran away and as such, the hunt continued. – Record from the Diary of Killan, during his time as a member/prisoner/forced fighter of Luminos.

Wavelength Confusion:

1st Level- Wizard School of Transmutation
Range: 100ft

Duration: Special
This can only be cast if a Wizard senses that someone within 100ft of them are talking telepathically to someone or something. The caster must make a Intelligence check to see whether the caster can corrupt the message. Upon success, the caster can either change the nature of the telepathic message, what is said or who it is said to. Creatures affected must do a Intelligence Saving Throw to see whether they can revert the message back to how it originally was before the corruption. If he fails, the corrupted message will be sent regardless.

You can use a 2nd Level Spell slot to imbed a magical damage effect of either Poison, Fire or Ice into the telepathic message instead. This deal 1d8 Fatal damage if the message is sent correctly. The Creature who is trying to communicate telepathically must do a Intelligence Saving Throw to either revert the message back to what it originally was or to remove the damaging effect of it. If the saving throw results in a natural 20 or any score above 20, the message is both reverted and has no damaging effect when sent.


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