Item- The Dagger of Qulzin

‘Crafted from the mightiest of bone, the dagger of Qulzin was lost in a attack on a nobleman’s private castle hidden within the southern isles. Qulzin, it’s owner was a blacksmith working for the nobleman and was known to once be a legendary rogue, one who understood all the languages of the continent due to how he constantly had to sneak aboard ships with multiple races of humanoid. The dagger he crafted while at the isle was made using a ritual that required part of the knowledge held deep within the crafters mind, as such Qulzin used his multi-linguistic abilities to help finalise the shine of the blade, and as such it’s construction.

As mentioned, the dagger has been lost ever since the Silver Brotherhood was found to be within the castle walls and held the nobleman hostage. Qulzin has not been seen or recorded since, like his dagger he has fallen off the lookout.’

“With a description from the Paladins like that, who wouldn’t want to go?”- Dreslok the Invaluable

The Dagger of Qulzin has a purple blade, often noted to have a strong shine to it especially in the sunlight. The Guard on it (as it has one for reasons unknown) isn’t noble in design, however it is noble within what is being used to make it with a gold look to it. The Design itself is somewhat Elvish in design, with the design looking like a venom spitting spider with it’s legs evenly spread across it. The grip is leather, perhaps from a cow but knowing the skill of the blacksmith it cannot be said for certain.


The Holder of the Dagger does not directly understand all of the languages around him. The holder understands them because the dagger itself telepathically talks to the holder, telling him a accurate translation of what is said in a language the holder already has knowledge in (chosen at random by the DM). It may be noted that the dagger must have be drawn at early levels to understand each word being said and as such must be held within the owner’s hand to get the translation, but at later levels the dagger must simply be focused on and within the owners possession in order to hear the translation.

The dagger can break, especially when it comes to reckless usage and the holder using it to tasks daggers are not best suited for. Even if the owner takes care of it, the Dagger of Qulzin can still break eventually or become dull over time. Dullness is usually after 7 Battles and breakage within 12 battles, 3 lock breaking events for 3 other events where the dagger is being used (except for getting a translation). Many people who wield weapons which have knowledge bound to them or are magically think they are indestructible, but even a soul has a limit and one of those limits is that it should never be turned into being part of a weapon. (This is mainly if the DM wants to make players repair weapons in their campaign, if you don’t, forget this section when using the item).

The Dagger deals the same damage that a normal dagger would, but is treated as a +1 Dagger.

(First Item, hope you enjoy it)


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