The Adventure of the Amateurs: Act 1 Session 1 and 2

To begin this story I would first like to apologise for it being a while since I created content for this blog. I wish I could have done more content than I’ve presented so far but College for me started and so it was hard to find time while still finding the time to read ‘King Lear’ and ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ and with having the full selection of classes to take. Times have been tough but still… can’t say sorry enough.

I might as well bring in some backstory to the story I’ll be presenting today as it’s so far removed from my previous content on the blog. I’m a D&D novice in terms of Homebrew and general playing so I don’t tend to bring in examples of stuff that’s happened to me prior in games in my homebrew stuff. I just find that I have to have a blank mind for it and the ability to work on the homebrew content with a open selection of styles to use. However, the most recent campaign I’ve taken part in had some interesting moments in it so I think that showing what happened would be a good start to returning to uploading content and reviving the blog.My group have only done 2 sessions so… we’re not the best at synergy as a group I must be honest. We don’t fall apart or anything but… we’re not exactly the best at teamwork. Banter… that’s an entirely different story as we constantly go against one another for some reason according to the plot. Our characters may not reflect that however (all scores were distributed via standard array):

  • The Half-Elf Ranger: My character of choice this time was a Ranger who is a Half-Elf mainly due to me wanting to play a character of those two things. I know it isn’t a original concept but I do enjoy the idea of being a Elf sort of thing shooting people in the face and then descending into the shadow from the trees. He was a criminal in his past (more-so a hired killer or mercenary) and still keeps contact with his contact who offers him odd jobs and contracts to help the character locate a object that he had stolen from his family. I must admit, Sly Cooper was my inspiration for the character mixed with Robin Hood… mainly due to the Chaotic Good Alignment I chose because I hate playing evil characters. Why? Simple, I hate people who are Evil… it’s a personal reason why so I won’t bore you with details.
  • The Shade Shadowmancer: Some homebrew that’s a mixture of the Arcane Trickster and some other spells. I still have no idea about what the Shade does or is because all I hear is that it’s a revived spirit of a Drow and that he hates the undead (see what I mean by confusing?). He loves killing though… all of this particular player’s PC’s do as last time he was the Warlock who went around killing things with Eldritch Blast which was plain annoying and then he tried to write my Rogue out by gaining Invisible and going down the Finesse filled route. His Dark Heresy character didn’t do much to show him in a different light as he chose the Assassin and had 6 attacks because he homebrewed a Dark Eldar. Honestly, I hate running campaigns with him because it feels like a solo campaign with me being a NPC to the point in which he would like to do one and doesn’t mind killing us all off to achieve it. I’m not his biggest fan… let’s leave it at that. Not to mention, he thinks i’ve Elven Scum both in and out of character so… yeah… again, not the biggest fan.
  • The Reaper/Half-Orc Fighter: Firstly, this guy’s Reaper made no sense to me. No homebrew really does when you first hear it as a concept because it’s something that he had in his roleplayed time on forums but at this point I just call him a Half-Orc because he took those stats and honestly I didn’t care to understand his weird description as it seemed backwards and referred to him being the best friend of ‘Plague’. I’ve played with him before, but last time I did he was a magic user, nothing changed as he plans on going down the Eldritch Knight route at level 3. As such, he wants to be a ‘Battlemage’ in that he wants to use magic to harm others in battles. It’s pretty loose… as is his grasp of reasonability.
  • The Human Paladin: Rounding us off was the Human Paladin of our crew who was played by our group novice. He’s played as much as me though he has a lesser clue as to anything that’s in the game. There’s not much to say really… apart from he bites off more than he can chew in combat and he wants to duel-wield Longswords.

Anyway onto the story:

The tale begins in a tavern like every other campaign ever has and forever will be as per the unsung rule of D&D campaigns. We’re all in various locations at the bar, I’m in the corner with a glass of what I describe as Elderflower Chardonnay, the one I dislike is in the middle and is just sitting there in the middle doing nothing, the fighter is outside the tavern working at the Blacksmith who he agreed to do volunteer work for since he comes from some parallel dimension for some reason and the paladin is having what appeared to be his 15th drink of mead, ale, bitter and cloudy apple cider. Naturally, the bar is a happy place to be but it’ not quite my characters place of belonging as he tends to go more for the natural areas of the land. My spot is one of low-lighting but it’s not completely dark, there’s a open fire behind me and glass vase full of Roses and Tulips in front of me with the faint smell of lavender coming from incense found on the fireplace mantle.

Anyhow, I decided to approach the Paladin who had a lot of heavy stuff, a lack of a sober composure and a personality that could be described as optimistic. He’s looking for a job within the city, something that I try to tell him probably won’t be available. I failed naturally because I seem to have bad luck with my Deception rolls against literally anything. Then, the scarred to hell Half-Orc person walked into our bar and decided that in his manly attitude, that a fruity and flowery wine that was probably made with a Elven recipe was the manliest brew he could have (though he did listen to my recommendation). I mean, it’s a Tavern. There’s a lot of drinks a Tavern has. Dragon-Breath Fire Ale, Stone-Cold Emerald Bitter and the lot but nope, Wine… the manliest brew every made by anyone in the history of fictional history.

Then, action… a bell that only one of us know. The Paladin shouts loudly… RAID!!! The idea of a raid in the city is something that I didn’t anticipate considering that a meeting with a contact is all I wanted to do… get a job or something but nope… the revolting peasants couldn’t wait for a while longer for my contact to get in the building and talk to me. We all head to the front wall of the city where the forces of the raiders are gathering to raid the city and destroy everything inside it because they can at that point. They climb up the wall with siege ladders naturally and make a makeshift battering ram out of a carved tree-trunk with some handles put on the side. Some of the forces happen to be standard peasants who are there because they can be and want to revolt while the higher ups wear black robes which made us all believe in them being Demonic Cultists or at least Necromancers who were part of a Cult that we perceive as evil (especially the Shade and Paladin).

So, they get fought off by me, the Half-Orc and the Paladin while the Shade runs off to get backup and take a horse while disguised as a soldier of high-rank because he could do so as a Shade because a Shade is apparently the same as a Changeling in that it can shape-shift into something of equal or smaller size. He gets his horse… no backup though so he’s not really useful at this point though he has his best friend so at that point I give literally 0% care as to his character.

So, we get off the wall (some more interestingly than others) after knocking the siege ladders down but alas it is too late for the gate that protected us… the enemies got through the gate with the ram and so we run towards the marketplace and then this is where we go downhill. Our Shade came to the marketplace first because he had a horse and becomes arrogant just because he’s in a soldiers suit as he talks to a mother whose Husband and Son are in the a burning building that I believe was the old potion shop in the marketplace. Now, the word ‘Hero’ doesn’t really work for the situation… mainly due to how he treated the kid afterwards… with a intimidation roll of all things to make him shut up… and he’s one of our True Neutral Party members nevertheless and here he is just trying to intimidate a 12 year old. Me and the fighter come next and the Fighter immediately goes through the wall of the burning building:


Like the Kool-Aid man as he goes through in order to safe the Father for some reason while I try to do something practical since my character would have absolutely no clue as to the whereabouts of the family and the fact that he doesn’t want to be seen around someone with the PC braincells of Zombie Minotaur. This is turn makes the Shade hate me… even though my character would have no clue about the Family as he wasn’t there to see the Shade/Soldier enter the building and try to safe people from it, naturally I’m going to take a practical set of Daggers as I am a Dexterity based class. So… now he hates me for it and I don’t really give a damn. The Paladin comes with me and he finds a Longsword which makes him the happiest human I’ve ever seen… he literally smiled the biggest smile and decided on the spot that he would try duel-wield.

Now here’s the annoying part:
Coming around the corner is a big monster… something that had 6 arms, spoke infernal, was as tall as a building and had the face of the Jersey Devil creature. This is where the views of the people are split… I want to run for understandable reasons. Firstly, I’m Level 1 and I don’t think as a Level 1 with low health that I stand a chance of fighting that creature with a Longbow, some short-swords, daggers and arrows. Secondly, it’s clear that the DM wanted to advance the plot of the story as we did take a hell of a long time. Thirdly, it would set up my character with a goal of destroyed the Demon later and training myself up to that level. Now, the others decide to fight which results in one of them (The Shade because obviously) throwing a piece of broken floor at my character as ‘motivation’ which left me on 2 HP. So, I take a few shots to try distract it or at the very least give them the evidence that fighting this thing is a stupid idea.

The others… they don’t listen and the decide that this encounter is fair for Level 1’s, is easy to defeat and then proceed to complain about it being really, really strong stating that you shouldn’t fight these things early on… this annoys me (more on that next time I upload anything onto the blog) for numerous reasons and after a while, they fight the thing that they caused upon them because they’re weren’t really that bright as they thought the Demon who was as big as a building and had multiple limbs would be a Level 1 encounter. Needless to say, the paladin falls down and is 2 HP’s off dying because he wanted to charge the big Demon.

At this point, you may think my group had no sense of common sense. This is somewhat true as this is the second time this had happened and in both times they fought a high level encounter as a low-level character and decided that it was unfair even though they provoked the encounter in the first place. It was a big undead Titan who was also a Death Knight last time, who I had to climb up the hands of in order to deal damage to due to being a Halfling Rogue who let’s be honest isn’t useful on the ground in that situation. The Shade deals loads of damage (as all his characters tend to do), I actually do the most hits on the Demon (because I’m a Ranger, it’s my job) and the Fighter is forced to make a boat wait for us. Me and the Shade escape onto the ship after realising finally that there is no reason to continue the fight and that there is no chance we as Level 1’s would have any chance of slaying it. We get to the boat and escape… barely as the mob and demon chased us to the boat. I’m surprised we left without damage to be honest.

And so… now we’re level 2. Naturally I went down the Archer Fighting Style Route and gained Hunter’s Mark and Longstrider to help my combat skills and my social interaction skills (if one counts tracking as social interaction). The Bottom Line is this:

  1. Our Party feel like they can fight anything and then complain when it’s too tough.
  2. I actually like what’s happening and I think the DM is doing a good job.
  3. The Shade is just plain annoying in terms of his character design and what he does (the player had to complain for hours about the ability to play him).
  4. My Party have left me being the smart one (given their decisions in character) and finally;
  5. We’re Level 2.

I know it’s a big wall of text… sorry about that… I’m new to this way of presenting content on the blog. I hope you enjoyed it for what it was worth. Hopefully, I’ll try do more of these stories as soon as I can but they will be uploaded roughly every other week (as that’s when we play that campaign). Hope you enjoyed, sorry about the long wait and until next time… farewell.


Item- The Dagger of Qulzin

‘Crafted from the mightiest of bone, the dagger of Qulzin was lost in a attack on a nobleman’s private castle hidden within the southern isles. Qulzin, it’s owner was a blacksmith working for the nobleman and was known to once be a legendary rogue, one who understood all the languages of the continent due to how he constantly had to sneak aboard ships with multiple races of humanoid. The dagger he crafted while at the isle was made using a ritual that required part of the knowledge held deep within the crafters mind, as such Qulzin used his multi-linguistic abilities to help finalise the shine of the blade, and as such it’s construction.

As mentioned, the dagger has been lost ever since the Silver Brotherhood was found to be within the castle walls and held the nobleman hostage. Qulzin has not been seen or recorded since, like his dagger he has fallen off the lookout.’

“With a description from the Paladins like that, who wouldn’t want to go?”- Dreslok the Invaluable

The Dagger of Qulzin has a purple blade, often noted to have a strong shine to it especially in the sunlight. The Guard on it (as it has one for reasons unknown) isn’t noble in design, however it is noble within what is being used to make it with a gold look to it. The Design itself is somewhat Elvish in design, with the design looking like a venom spitting spider with it’s legs evenly spread across it. The grip is leather, perhaps from a cow but knowing the skill of the blacksmith it cannot be said for certain.


The Holder of the Dagger does not directly understand all of the languages around him. The holder understands them because the dagger itself telepathically talks to the holder, telling him a accurate translation of what is said in a language the holder already has knowledge in (chosen at random by the DM). It may be noted that the dagger must have be drawn at early levels to understand each word being said and as such must be held within the owner’s hand to get the translation, but at later levels the dagger must simply be focused on and within the owners possession in order to hear the translation.

The dagger can break, especially when it comes to reckless usage and the holder using it to tasks daggers are not best suited for. Even if the owner takes care of it, the Dagger of Qulzin can still break eventually or become dull over time. Dullness is usually after 7 Battles and breakage within 12 battles, 3 lock breaking events for 3 other events where the dagger is being used (except for getting a translation). Many people who wield weapons which have knowledge bound to them or are magically think they are indestructible, but even a soul has a limit and one of those limits is that it should never be turned into being part of a weapon. (This is mainly if the DM wants to make players repair weapons in their campaign, if you don’t, forget this section when using the item).

The Dagger deals the same damage that a normal dagger would, but is treated as a +1 Dagger.

(First Item, hope you enjoy it)

The Next Spell: Wavelength Confusion

Our Dwarves and the Wizard stood upon the peek looking down towards the fleeing foes of the Necromantic order. Their position meant that for evil there was no way of escaping and no way of fighting back for they were surrounded by all signs. As they ran down hills towards their garrison, the fallen warriors that served them lied upon the now bloody cobblestone while the Cleric and Fighter pursued on foot after dismounting their horses at the side of the nearby tavern.

Suddenly, the Cleric decided to pray to God to help smite the unholy from this world, sending them to hence they same in agony and suffering. His hammer raised, he yelled “BAHAMUT! I ASK FOR HELP! SMITE THE UNHOLY IN A DRAGONIC BLAZE OF THE HOLY LIGHT!”. Something was off however, as the god he found was not a god for all good dragons to worship, instead it’s evil form Tiamat became visible in the Cleric’s mind. Tiamat grinned while saying “You look for my… weaker self. How pitiful of you cleric, to believe that all my men were worthless and that not one could learn the ways of corruption. Then again, to you the only magic is the one type you preach daily… sickening isn’t it?”

Like that the Cleric grew worried and rushed for the Garrison, inside they found nothing humanoid except for corpses, and no signs of escape. Nevertheless, they ran away and as such, the hunt continued. – Record from the Diary of Killan, during his time as a member/prisoner/forced fighter of Luminos.

Wavelength Confusion:

1st Level- Wizard School of Transmutation
Range: 100ft

Duration: Special
This can only be cast if a Wizard senses that someone within 100ft of them are talking telepathically to someone or something. The caster must make a Intelligence check to see whether the caster can corrupt the message. Upon success, the caster can either change the nature of the telepathic message, what is said or who it is said to. Creatures affected must do a Intelligence Saving Throw to see whether they can revert the message back to how it originally was before the corruption. If he fails, the corrupted message will be sent regardless.

You can use a 2nd Level Spell slot to imbed a magical damage effect of either Poison, Fire or Ice into the telepathic message instead. This deal 1d8 Fatal damage if the message is sent correctly. The Creature who is trying to communicate telepathically must do a Intelligence Saving Throw to either revert the message back to what it originally was or to remove the damaging effect of it. If the saving throw results in a natural 20 or any score above 20, the message is both reverted and has no damaging effect when sent.

Homebrew Feats 1

Pet Handler

You have learnt that a Pet makes for good company. You gain the following benefits:

  • Any Animal Companions/Pets that follow you cannot be charmed while they are within 50ft of you.
  • Any Animal Companions/Pets that follow you cannot be deceived by people disguised as yourself (no matter how good a deception check they make).
  • Any Animal Companions/Pets that follow you may try scavenge food for you. They can only bring creatures smaller than they are.


Prerequisite: Charisma of 13 of higher

You understand the mentality of humanoid creatures to a tee and have been able to convince them effectivly, gaining the following benefits:

  • Increase your Charisma score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • Persuasion and Deception checks gain double your proficiency bonus if you are proficient with those skills.
  • You gain proficiency in a Charisma based skill of your choosing.


You can take the items from around you and make deadly objects that you use in combat, gaining the following benefits:

  • You can make arrows for your quiver from Bone and Sticks that you have on you.
  • You can repair your own weapons if you have access to means of repairing it. (More for roleplaying)

Toxic Poisoner

You make highly advanced Poison and know the inner workings of the substance itself, gaining the following benefits;

  • If you attack a monster that is resistant to poison, it still takes Poison damage from any Poison Damage dealt by you or any poison made by you.
  • Poison damage is doubled when dealt to humanoid creatures.
  • You are resistant to Poison Damage.

Custom Background: Slave

Humanity is going through the worst time of its cycle. People fighting one another is nowadays considered a sport, a competition for the rich and mighty who buy everyone to work as their own. You were just one of the unfortunates, one of the ones who didn’t run from the Bounty Hunters, the Rich and the Law of the land. You worked so much that 5 generations of your family combined could not perform an equal amount, yet you receive the least in society. You are brushed off, someone who shouldn’t share the same streets as others. You know what the lowest points are, afterall, you’ve seen them all firsthand. Skill Proficiencies: Survival and Sleight of Hand Tool Proficiencies: 1 Type of Artisan Tools Languages: If not known, you know the language of your slave master.


You have been working as whatever your master wanted for you. You have learned it well, though you wished not to. Nevertheless, you have grown to love it. The Following will help determine what you were forced to do during your time being someone’s pawn. Otherwise, choose whichever you perform.


1: Blacksmith

2: Cook

3: Leatherworker

4: Mason

5: Stable-Worker

6: Babysitter

7: Potter

8: Painter

9: Jester

10: Woodcarver

Feature: Desperation

You have been through the lowest points, therefore you have learned to use the lowest to your advantage or to at least get used to it. You are able to do things others consider taboo or undesirable. Whether it be looting corpses or doing work that no moral man would ever consider. No one will question you, no-one ever has after all, only you do.

Suggested Characteristics

The majority of Slaves tend to be for getting their hands on what the better societies have. They do not steal at least the majority of them don’t wish to, instead they prefer hard working to achieve whatever their hearts desire. Some have a mutual respect for other slaves and especially for those who want to achieve the most, especially for others given how they have been treated. Others, who want to leave their past behind them hide their slave past by hating other slaves. Though these aren’t the slaves true feelings, he has been able to lie since he has felt that he was thought so.

d8 Personality Traits

1: I am driven to succeed or at least to become better.

2: I respect anyone that goes through hardship.

3: I will do what is needed, no matter how society sees it.

4: Humanity has a limit, I am something else.

5: I care not for materials, simply for good health and such.

6: No matter what I do, I do it for me.

7: Teams got me through, teams are what I love.

8: The past is a wound, the future is a bandage.

d6 Ideal

1: Humanity. People have lost what it means to be themselves, I simply wish to help them remember. (Any)

2: Selfishness. I suffered through others. They should suffer as I did. (Evil)

3: Kindness. Hate will simply hurt us all more. (Good)

4: Uprising. Shall no man ever be held under the flag of another. (Chaotic)

5: Portrayal. How can I change laws when I refuse to follow them? (Lawful)

6: Society. Balance is something that should always be maintained. (Neutral)

d6 Bond

1: Even though he was rude, my master gave me the mentality I needed.

2: Other slaves have been through worse than me. I respect that in them.

3: Those who respect me have earned the right to be with me.

4: When I faced disaster, my strongest ally gave me willpower.

5: The one who wanted me has given me the reason to fight.

6: It is my duty to respect all, no matter their vile nature.

d6 Flaw

1: When I can afford intoxicants, I simply cannot refuse.

2: I care not for the repercussions, where’s the fun in that?

3: There is honour among slaves, I live by that philosophy.

4: I am curious, investigating even the slightest crack or misplaced cobble.

5: Violence is something that is only for when necessary.

6: I would rather be in rotten streets, than where the corrupt or rich dwell or have dwelled.

Hope you like this Background. Comment if you did, if you think I could improve it comment anyhow with the reasons I could improve. -Cryptweaver

A Spell of Sorts: Earth’s Speech

From the Molten soil that he stood above, the man waved his hands weaving it into the form of a man. The lava that made the soil became solid, representing the man’s hair while the dead roots of trees that stood once proud became it’s limbs. With it’s rise came a inaudible noise before life began to renew inside of it. The man of soil claimed his wishes “Why hath you summon me from my quiet existence, have I done wrong or is there more to it?”. It’s caster had a kind smile upon his face “I simply wish to find an old friend. He was a Dwarf of old age, wielding a axe from his homeland and a bow from the Elven nation down south. If you have any clues, please lend me your knowledge.”

The creation smiled back “Child of the natural cycle, I believe that I know of what you speak. Simply put, he looked like a man of no fear and from his axe it was simple to conclude this. The beauty of the bow to, with the strong from which arrows rest in patience and silence, it was astonishingly fine, like spider silk. Indeed, the man was seen heading North into the cave my brothers, ones of rock and ore and coal. Perhaps, you will have luck finding him in between the rocks?” Like that, the druid thanked him and put him back to rest. He grew new life for the soil below him, just far enough away so the grass was not to be scorched but so near that the air was at it’s purest. A sapling grew restless, the man continued on.

Earth’s Speech:


Range: Touch
Duration: Special

When cast upon the ground itself, the Druid who uses it may breath life into that ground, forcing it to sprout out of itself and turn itself into a humanoid form of the casters choosing, but is stuck into the ground itself. Upon summon, the caster may inquire as to certain details such as the direction of a moving person, the natural elements (Sources of Water and Food as well as the Climate and weather found in the casters area) or what monsters are typically seen there (to which the most commonly found is given, no further monsters get named nor described).
The Caster can however use a spell slot to have the summoned creature give them the following information:
1: The Creature can tell you about Human or other Settlements in the area as tell you about a key event that happened with 30 minutes of being summoned. Alternatively, the creature may clarify a riddle it has given, or the caster has heard.

2: The Creature can tell you about the land in great detail, explaining about how it was formed, when it was formed, by who it was formed and who has set foot on it. If asked to further elaborate, the Creature may give details about what it knows about the person in question (The DM gets to decide what he knows, he always knows something no matter how small the knowledge on that person is).

3: The Creature can tell about anything (within reason) that the caster wants to know. It cannot lie, but if needed or if asked to by someone previous, it can withheld information. If matter is about something natural from the region the creature is in, he will automatically know everything about it but will only explain what is vital to know (ie. If a plant is poisonous).

At Level 7; The Caster can ask the creature to watch the area for 1 hour and will report all it saw to you as well as what it heard. A Spell Slot 2 must be used for this feature of the spell

At Level 14; As long as the thing touched when the spell is cast has foundations found to be connected to a natural item (Soil, Water etc), the caster can turn it into a creature. The caster can also make Artificial Dryads if he/she wished, as long as the area has enough resources to sustain it’s life. It will wither and die after 4 months but can be used for anything for as long as it is alive. A Spell Slot 3 must be used for this feature of the spell. It can be used to trick passerby, hide or store items, be a trap or other things that are within reason and only if the creature agrees with it.

This is my first spell and I think it would be fun for Druids. Being able to balance nature is something that makes sense for the class. I don’t play Druid so my apologies if this spell has been utilized in one form or another. Anyway, have fun using it.

-The Cryptweaver

The Young Magician

Time for another character, the Young Magician.

Backstory: The Young Magician hasn’t got a lot recorded on him that would tell us anything significant about him. Sadly, no formal records are found in even the libraries of the mystics that chronicle ever part of the world’s history. Though rumours spread like wildfire upon the plains about the young person. So, that’s what we go by. Rumours talk of a little child aged 7 trained in the art of Necromancy for the youngest of days. The teacher was his father, one of the Nekroias who lead the Necromantic order in these lands and he was high ranking, a formal minister who was still thought of as the best.The Child grew proficient in spells that arose the dead, targeting a sparrow that had crashed into the boy’s window after it’s wing broke mid-flight. At this point, the child like all children grew bored of the art of necromancy and explored some of the darker secrets. Before long, he found a book entitled ‘Blood Arts’ and studied it and used the Dark Mana of the world to make Blood Magic, that only he knows. The child is thought to have killed his father though this is all speculation.

The Child aged 14 at the time has his first public sighting before the battle of Rentaxian Ridge, aiding troops for the trapped souls of Were-kin, Why he needs them is unknown, though it is believed he will use them to strength himself and to gain the secrets of transformation in order to alter what is around him.

It has currently been 4 years since that last sighting, where he has gone is unknown.

Character Description: The Young Magician is younger than most wizards since he is only 18 in contrast to others who are hundreds of years old. He wears robes normally in a black colour, however, he has been shown to wear Navy Blue though the reasons for it are unknown. The child’s face has never been confirmed due to conflicting reports so there are no psychical details on him. He has a Wyrmwood staff in his left hand normally, though he sometimes puts it in his right for certain rituals. Often he wears a signet ring on his index finger on his right hand, this has on it holy symbols as if he is doing this for god himself. He has a dark aura surrounding him which is unusual for a man of his age.

Personality: Though he is younger than most, it has been noted that the people around the Young Magician have noticed him being more serious about magic than even serious scholars in the art of magic. Otherwise, he is calm and sometimes a trouble-maker on a wide scale. He often ignores conversation unless it is on his terms, whether he gets it every-time is up for debate,

Character Relations: He knows no-one well enough to have any. People that meet him often forget of him, making him the perfect threat to anyone who is wanted dead since he can go away from anything without worry due to his age, flexibility and talents. Though he has probably met with people in the world, he lacks the memory of their names or even why he helped them in the first place.

Like this character? Comment Down below. New Characters will be unearthed weekly. Until next time, stay creative and see you next week.

-The Cryptweaver

PS: Sorry for it being shorter than the last one, this is mainly due to a lack of characters who he knows well enough to have character relations. Anyhow, hope you did enjoy it.

The First Creature: The Plasmori

Time for a Creature/Monster this time, the Plasmori:
Brief Bio/Recording of them:

“As one can imagine, the blood cells of any humanoid are advanced. Infact, some magicians have been able to control blood flow and, with simple commands can simply alter it to their desire. As such, there have been repercussions, like these. It’s unknown how they do it, as they are never summoned while the caster is using the spell, but only after the victim dies. Some claim it’s a side-effect, though I refuse to believe that these things are, after all, it follows the victims movements and actions to a tee. They require more experiments.”

Dr Jirran Ullixius, Record of Plasma-based species #0003.2


The appearance of Plasmori is akin to the appearance of recently drawn blood in the sense that it’s flowing. This extend to it’s appearance which mirrors that of the victim but with a more streamlined, almost perfected form of the humanoid in question. As expected, height and weight vary and have different skills based on their victim with some alteration via blood. Plasmori also take on a primitive form, in which they appear as simple blobs that spread throughout the entire room. Finding one of these in the wild is something that will never happen, unless experiments went wrong and it became sentient. Often, weapons are formed form the creatures body, favouring lances, spears and lances making it a tough fighter at long ranges.


During a long war to the west, a young magician came to the front of the Telligar army and gave them a simple deal. They would pay him with 10 Gems filled with the sprits of Were-kin for the ability to make their forces gain a huge advantage in the upcoming battle. The idea was simple, the blood of the warriors would harden to the point that it would become as strong as Iron Armour, only being able to be pierced by Lances and Javelins which the enemy did not have. The army agreed and sent a warrior by the name of Artti. Artti was tested on by the young magician for a total of 8 days before Artti came back with spectacular results. Naturally, the rest of the army went ahead with it, gaining ‘Blood Armour’ for the next battle. It all went well up to Rentaxian Ridge before the soldiers bled out due to fatigue, dying and painting the walls of the Ridge red and crimson. The opposing army left for the next battle while the blood of the fallen formed into a substance. That substance was the Plasmori that know today. It’s believed that they are brought in by showing a lack of care for anyone or for one’s self and then dying due to these actions. Whether this is the case is unknown however.

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Our First Character- The Hunt Caller, Killan

Welcome to Crypt Tales from the Dungeon, here I provide character backstories and other fantasy-realm ideas that can be used to inspire you. If you wish too, use elements of this in your D & D or Pathfinder characters and utilise them to expand upon your in-game world.

Our First Character is one I have had in the works for a long time, it is the Caveman of legend, Killan.


Killan was born in the Southern Snowy areas of the continent where humanity is thinly spread between many camps and settlements. As a result, Killan was raised in a barbaric manner, training to hunt animals from a young age. His Father, Troman was the head of the Pojunga people, who have skills in hunting and animal handling. At the main Pojunga camp titled Aladon, Killan was taught how to weild a Bone Pike that his father once used in combat and took care of Wolf cubs while the others went hunting.
Growing up, Killan had a interest in one of the wolves he raised, a snow white wolf he called ‘Wildbark’ and trained it to help him in combat. From this point, Killan joined the raiding party of his tribe and, eventually, he became the main hunter. It was rumored that there were 20 different breeds of Mammoths when Killan started hunting, now, there are only 3. Killan became independent from his father’s group, much to his Father’s dismay at a hunting village north of Aladon. He set up shop in the hunting village, climbing the ranks of it’s military until it became one of the first highly militant forces around the continent. Killan’s wolf ‘Wildbark’ became one of his only friends, and eventually became the village’s banner.

Recently, Killan has led a hunting party to Weddon in the west looking for a legendary Mammoth creature who had his species become extinct at the hands of Killan. The Group has lost most of it’s original moral, they are hungry and somewhat aggravated by Killan’s demanding approach to warfare and hunting.

Character Description:

Killan stands at 6ft and is very pale to the point in which he is as pale as the snow underneath him. Killan often wears only leather armour, which most of the time appears damaged and covers very little of his actual body. Wolf and Mammoth fur is splashed around the seems and the rough edges (to which there are many). On his back is a shield made of Oak Wood that has naturally aged to what seems to be 500 years. The edge surrounding the outside of the shield is Iron in appearance, however considering how many things he has fought it is surprising to see that it has survived intact.

Killan’s weapon of choice are 2 Bone Daggers which he has concealed as Horns on his helmet. Both seem to come from a Tiger Species (which one is unconfirmed due to how damaged they have become). Where he would hold them is surrounding by a cloth grip and there is blood from some prize kill on the ends of both daggers. Killan also has his Bone Pike, engraved with his name down the side of the pike. It is 7ft long, coming from the wing of a now extinct and long forgotten species. It’s worn out, however still functional.


Wildbark normally stands on the left side of his master, Killan. It has a snow white tint to his fur and has multiple scars covering the facial area. The fur itself is also jagged in appearance, sometimes looking like it was cut by a fellow member of his species. His eyes are a misty blue, odd for one of it’s kind. It’s fangs are whiter than it’s fur (if it was even possible) and it’s claws are sharper than a dagger. Legend has it that the claws Wildbark possesses have cut through the skulls of other wolves, wheter it is true or not is unknown.

Character Relations:
Troman is Killan’s father and a rival tribe leader. They have a neutral relationship, however they are hardly friends and have fought on numerous locations.

Melcain: Melcain had a simple life before Killan took over his city. Even though he is skeptical, Melcain is a loyal retainer of Killan and is his right-hand man when it comes to military situations. His tactics may be primative, but they work and that’s all he needs.

Melankind: Melankind is a legend in the southern continent. It is the last of it’s kind of mammoth, the last of it’s kind that once proudly walked the earth. It’s tusks are as tough as Gold and as white are the Blizzards it survived. The Fur, a proud red like the raging flames of an Elder’s fire. Killan thought he had wiped them all out, though it proved that he had not. As such, he wishes to locate the beast. What he plans on doing with it’s remains afterwards is unknown.


KIllan is a proud man, it is what he believes is as important than a hunter’s strength. He has a natural respect to those who are strong as well as those with the passion to carry on, no matter what the harsh weather they have to face is. He often likes to use words that reflect his natural strength, favouring to use blunt terms than sophisticated terminology. Often, he prefers to mix things of the same variety and prefers diversity rather than consistency. This also reflects upon his battle style, always trying to kill things in different ways and trying to never get the same kill twice.

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-The Cryptweaver